Watusi Bull, 4 Years Old

Okay, his name isn’t actually Hamburger but is as good as any since I haven’t named him yet. This bull is a half brother to Ramses. His sire is Ranger and his dam Princess. He’s a good bull but I like Ramses better.

I bought him the same time I bought Ramses, with the intention of having some extra meat. (I was given a packaged deal with the more cattle I bought, so it was worth buying an extra bull.) I will be butchering him soon. Not sure he will produce many tender steaks…if nothing else we will get a lot of hamburger and a couple decent roasts. This will be my first time eating watusi, which I am excited to try.

It will also be nice not having two big bulls anymore in the herd. He and Ramses fight and I don’t want either of them getting hurt. They hit each other harder than any other bulls I have seen…of course, you have to take my observation with a grain of salt since I haven’t seen any other watusi bulls fight ;-).

Update: June 2010

I just finished butchering the bull. It turned out to be more work than I realized…nothing like deer or elk. Watusi meat tastes fantastic, but most had to be turned into hamburger because it was pretty chewy, at least the front corners. Finally got an accurate measurement on his horns, which were bigger than I had guessed.

His horns were 51″ tip to tip, and still had a couple more years to grow. He was probably about 4 years old when I butchered him.

Watusi have excellent flavored meat

~ Lars Benson


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